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Charnwood Country 16B Multifuel

Charnwood Country 16B Multifuel


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The Country 16b

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The Country 16b Multi-fuel is a fully fledged multi-fuel central heating boiler. It is thermostatically controlled with a multifuel grate allowing a wide range of solid fuels to be burnt. Its deep fire bed allows solid fuel to be loaded up for excellent overnight burning performance. It is EN13240 approved

It includes:

  • Integral boiler with an output suitable for heating domestic hot water and approximately 10 radiators. 
  • Thermostatic control which is water temperature sensitive, enabling this model to be used with sophisticated central heating controls.

  • Optional of the Charnwood pre-wired Central Heating Control System for use with this stove.
  • clean burn "air wash" system using preheated air for combustion purposes.

  • Optional slide on, decorative Canopy available.

  • Unrivalled multifuel grate switching grate bars to the closed position for a flat base for wood burning, and to the open position to allow efficient burning of coal and smokeless fuels.

Further Information- information - Boiler outputs for Country 16b woodburner & multi-fuel versions

Both wood-burning and multi-fuel versions of the Country 16b conform and are tested to EN13240. This standard requires that the test fuels are specified and outputs are published on this basis. The re-loading period can also be chosen. At Charnwood we have always believed in using realistic reloading times so that our stated outputs are easily achievable – for coal and smokeless fuel products we use 4 hours and for wood 1.5 hours.

The size of the boiler for both versions of the Country 16b is the same; however different fuels under EN13240 test conditions give different results as detailed in the chart below:

The burning performance of wood differs over time compared to that of coal based fuels (see graphs), therefore when burning wood we recommend that a figure of 10kW is used to size the system, while the stated 12kW figure should be used for coal based fuels.

Woodburning performance   Multifuel performance


Charnwood’s multi-fuel grate is the very best grate system on the market. Built into our COVE, COUNTRY 16b models and all ISLAND and SLX models, the grate can be altered to ensure the most efficient burning conditions. By operating a lever on the side of the stove, with the tool provided, a series of grate bars can be set into a closed, flat bed position (the most efficient way to burn wood) or to an open grate for ultra efficient burning of coal and smokeless fuels. This also acts as a highly effective riddling mechanism, neatly dropping the ash into the twin wall-to-wall pan below for clean disposal. Because the grate is operated externally all of these manoeuvres can be carried out with the doors closed and when the stove is fully loaded and under fire.

'Multi- fuel grate in coal burning position showing air flow

Multi-fuel grate for Coal Burners

Multi- fuel grate in wood burning position showing air flow

Multi-fuel grate for Wood Burners
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