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Glaisdale Spares (Choose from dropdown menu)

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Spares for Town and Country Glaisdale - Choose from dropdown menu

  • Ashpan GLAIS06
  • Bottom Grate GLAIS03
  • Firebrick set New Style NEW
  • Firebrick set Old Style OLD
  • Fuel Retainer GLAIS07
  • Rope Seal Kit  
  • Throat Plate  New Style GLAIS02NEW
  • Throat Plate Old Style GLAIS02OLD
  • Glass


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Hi Wendy you sent a reply to my recent enquiry about baffles and throat plates for a town and country glaisdale and offered to follow up my second question about whether I need the new or old parts as I bought in sept 2005 , Yes please and would you also ask about the firebricks as well as I will need a new set. Sorry about the long winded reply but I cannot get the comp to just reply to your old email.Thanks Dave

Hi There,

The suppliers are shut till 12 August, but if you could measure the baffle for me and the firebricks, I can find out whether the Glaisdale we have in the shop is the same.  

Hope this is Ok, 



Hi is a throat plate the same as a baffler? Secondly I bought my glaisdale in sept 2005 do I need the old or new style spares . Thanks for your time Dave

Hi Dave,

Yes throat plate is same as baffle.  Sorry the company are closed for shut down at the moment.  But I can check with them when they return if you would like me to.



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