Kiln Dried logs

Choosing the right firewood for your appliance

Choosing the right firewood for your needs is not always easy so here are a few useful tips, although you can always ring us at to discuss your requirements.

  • Kiln Dried Logs

Firewood for a wood burning stove or Pizza Oven

It is essential that you use dry firewood in your stove or oven. Manufacturers often recommend a maximum of 20% moisture content, but up to 25% moisture content is what the HETAS quality standard recommends.

This quality will ensure a clean burn with no blackening of the stove glass or build-up of soot or tar in the chimney or flue. It also means that in an efficient stove, you will actually use far less firewood. This is far more cost effective. 

Our kiln dried logs are ‘Ready to burn’ so all you need to do is just ensure they are stored in a cool dry place, either in a log store or garage.

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