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Nova SM Twin Wall Insulated S/S M/F Chimney System
Nova SM Twin Wall - 90 Degree Tee

Nova SM Twin Wall - 90 Degree Tee

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The Nova family of product has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for multi-functional applications serving a variety of fuels. Whether serving a traditional negative draught appliance or a modern high effi ciency condensing appliance, the Nova SM product offers the ideal solution. With a wide range of components together with a multi-barb quick lock jointing system, Nova SM offers the ultimate in ease of installation, quality and functionality. Nova SM is a CE approved product and has been independently tested to the requirements of BS EN 1856-1, see Table 1 - Chimney designation.


Nova SM is a prefabricated, factory made twin-wall insulated stainless steel system chimney. The fully welded construction combined with a high performance / high density insulating medium, provides the optimum level of performance required for today’s modern high effi ciency combustion equipment, as well as being suitable for the more traditional oil, gas and solid fuel fired appliance. The construction provides a high thermal resistance which ensures rapid stabilisation of the flue gas temperature and draught, whilst maintaining a relatively low temperature on the external surface of the chimney. Nova SM is designed for internal and external applications and is suitable for negative pressure applications. When used with a seal and where the fl ue gas temperature does not exceed 200°C, the Nova SM product is suitable for wet and positive pressure applications up to 200Pa (P1).

Nova SM utilises a multi-barb quick lock jointing system to secure each joint. The number of barbs depends on the  product diameter, and in each case the components are secured by locating the barbs with a twist of each section. A locking band must then be used at each joint. The joint design facilitates a maximum unsupported height above the last support of up to 3.0 metres (2.0 metres for 100ID), subject to the design considerations detailed within the Installation Instructions and on page 19 of this brochure.

Nova SM is manufactured from a high grade 316L (1.4404 :

X2CrNiMo 17-12-2) stainless steel liner and a 304 (1.4301 :

X5CrNiMo 18-10-2) outer case.

The product utilises a high performance mineral wool which is auger fi lled into a 25mm annulus between the inner and outer, offering rapid stabilisation of draught and excellent thermal performance. The unique joint design allows the inner liner to freely expand and contract throughout the system as the fl ue gas temperature varies, alleviating the need for additional expansion components.


The Nova SM product is available in 8 internal diameters ranging from 100mm to 355mm and is suitable for oil, gas, and solid fuel applications operating under negative draught / dry conditions or where the maximum positive pressure will not exceed 40Pa as designated by N1, at a maximum flue gas temperature of 450°C.

Where used for solid fuel and oil applications where the flue gas temperature is greater than 250°C, the ventilated support components must be used as detailed on page 10. For T600 temperature applications, Nova SM can only be applied where the chimney passes through non-combustible fl oors and where the chimney is enclosed throughout its length within a ventilated non-combustible enclosure or shaft. For more information, please contact SFL Technical Dept.

For condensing (WET) / positive pressure applications, where the flue gas temperature will not exceed 200°C at a maximum positive pressure of 200Pa (P1), an optional seal can be fitted to the Nova SM product as detailed on page 3.

For condensing applications it is important that any sloping runs are angled not less than 3° where head room is an issue or preferably 5° from the horizontal. Drainage components should also be incorporated into the system to allow condensate removal to a suitable drain or gully. Tees and elbows are provided within the Nova SM range to facilitate a 3° or 5° incline from the horizontal.

Flue can be powder coated for an additional charge - please contact us for prices.

Lateral supports

Wall bands are available for the lateral support of the installation. These are available in both galvanised steel and stainless steel for external applications. All wall bands offer 50mm clearance from the outer case of the fl ue. Optional extension brackets are available to increase this distance up to a maximum of 100mm, see page 11.

Roof/Rafter Support

A roof / rafter support bracket is available where the flue section passes through the roof to termination. This component offers both lateral and vertical loading. For more information, see page 11.

B – Retrofi t seal

The Nova SM product offers a retrofi t seal that can be fitted around the inner groove as shown above. The seal facilitates positive pressure and condensate resistance up to 200Pa at a maximum fl ue gas temperature of 200°C, offering a P1 rating to BS EN 1856-1. For higher pressure capability, please refer to SFL Technical Department.

C – Quick lock jointing system

The Nova SM joint incorporates a sixteen barb* twist lock coupler system to allow easy and rapid installation of the product. When used with the Nova SM support components the joint will support up to 3.0 metres free standing above the last support, see Installation Instructions or page 19 for further details.

* 100 mm internal diameter has 8 barbs and a free standing capability of 2.0 metres, subject to design guidance.

D – Locking band

The locking band is used to complete the joint and incorporates a simple fi xing mechanism to facilitate speed and ease of installation.

Joint assembly

The joint is made by fi tting the female end over the male end and engaging the joint system by rotating the component clockwise. A locking band is then fitted to finalise the joint, as detailed in Figure 1.


The Nova SM product has been assessed and CE marked to BS EN 1856-1 to the performance designations as detailed on page 2, Table 1.

Nova SM has also been assessed by the Loss Prevention Council for fi re resistance. A fi re resistance of two hours can be achieved in accordance with the stability and integrity criteria of BS 476: Part 20 for duct type B.


All components are manufactured under a quality assurance scheme, certifi cate No. FM557622, administered by British Standards in accordance with BS EN 9001: 2008. In addition SFL operate a CE approved factory production control system as required under the Construction Products Directive 93/68/EEC.

Installation regulations

Where the flue passes through combustible fl oors it is important that the correct fi restop components are used and the correct distance to combustible materials is observed.

All firestop and support components within the Nova SM range are designed to offer a minimum clearance to combustible material of 50mm. In all instances the requirements of the building regulations must be complied with and the appropriate references are: Document J of the DOE Building Regulations, Section F of the Building Standards (Scotland), Section L of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland). Reference should also be made to the relevant British and European Standards governing the installation of fl ue and chimney products for the associated fuel and appliance types as detailed:

• Solid Fuel and Oil Fired Applications: BS EN 15287: 2007

• Domestic Gas Installations up to 60kW: BS5440: Part 1: 2008

• Commercial Gas Installation up to 70kW and 1.8MW (net), the installation should conform to BS 6644:2005


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