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Pevex X40 Bohemia Multifuel Stove (Defra Approved)

Pevex X40 Bohemia Multifuel Stove (Defra Approved)

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Our full size Bohemia X 40, 50 or 60 offers outputs between 4KW up to 8KW in useable heat outputs to heat the largest of rooms.  All our Bohemia X range of stoves have been recommended for use in smokeless zones throughout England, Ireland and Scotland from October 2010.

The fontal dimension of these stoves share a common size of 545mm x 606mm height with the depth of the stove increasing which changes the output of the stove but still allowing a large 400mm (16”) log to be loaded.

Choose from the super slim-line Bohemia X 40 which gives a full size appearance but with its slim and narrow depth allows it to be installed into small rooms or town houses where space may be a premium.

Our Bohemia X 50 is the most popular in our range and will suit the majority of fireplaces and room sizes but for larger rooms consider the Bohemia X 60 which will give up to an impressive 8KW of heat output.

Open the door on any of these models and load logs up to 400mm (16”) and you will enjoy a wonderful view of the fire through the large clear window whilst enjoying the radiant and convection heat.  All the Bohemia X models incorporate the latest clean burn technology which improves efficiency, lowers CO and reduces the particulates that the stove produces allowing them to be recommended for use in smoke control zones.

All stoves feature airwash to keep the glass clean, primary and secondary air controls, built in tertiary air to burn off any hydrocarbons, adjustable feet, bolt on flue collars, chrome door handle and air sliders and a top convector plate.

Bohemia X stoves are covered by our 5 year (conditional) guarantee.


Technical data

Bohemia X 40

Bohemia X 50

Bohemia X 60

Nominal output




Range rating




Flue outlet diameter

Ø125 mm top/rear

Ø125 mm top/rear

Ø125 mm top/rear

Heating area

20-90 m2

30-120 m2

30-140 m2


72 kg

78 kg

89 kg

Distance to flammable materials 


45cm, at side 50cm

to furniture


Width of wood chamber


Max log length


Dimension in mm

606 x 545 x 293 mm (HxWxD)

606 x 545 x 333 mm (HxWxD)

606 x 545 x 387 mm (HxWxD)

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet


Distance of centre of top flue outlet to rear edge of stove


Colour options

Black/Gun Metal/Cream

Efficiency when burning wood




Efficiency when burning solid fuel




Can be installed on a 12mm hearth

CE mark, EN13240, Defra approved for smoke control zones

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