Aga Stoves

Most people associate the name Aga with good food and fine living, but many are unaware of the rich and interesting history that lies behind the world's most famous cooker.

Although often thought of as quintessentially British, the Aga actually began life in Sweden. The cooker that has become the heart of the home in more than 750,000 households around the world was invented by Dr Gustav Dalén, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist.

Appalled that his wife and their maid had to constantly tend to their old-fashioned range, Dalén set about designing a thoroughly modern cooker. It's unlikely he could have predicted that his invention would go on to be widely acclaimed as a design icon.

But there's also so much more to the Aga brand, including a range of distinctive conventional cookers, wonderfully cool refrigeration products, a massive collection of fabulous cookware and a line-up of Aga-branded stoves to suit every home.