Hwam Stoves

Hwam represents pure design, uncomplicated and without superfluous ornamentation. The Scandinavian tradition - cultivated to the level of the sublime. A design to surprise - with and without the flames.

But Hwam means much more than just heat from an unusually beautiful piece of furniture. It also means sophisticated wood burning stoves featuring ground breaking technology and a superior finish down to the last detail.

The stoves from HWAM are designed by leading Scandinavian designers, complemented by our expertise and patented technologies to form a perfect Harmony between design and functionality.

Autopilot IHS

A cost effective option that will save you 50% less fuel with its automatic electronic control system that tells you when to refuel!

IHS Explained
The temperature in the stove and the oxygen level in the flue gas are constantly analysed and transmitted to the air regulation box. Combined with the desired and actual room temperature, the airbox regulates the air into combustion to ensure it is always at its most efficient.