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Wiking Miro 5

The Wiking Miro 5 is designed with a heat storage compartment. This compartment can be filled with heat storing stone with a special ability ti store heat produced from the wood burning stove.

While the wood burning stove is burning, the stone in the heat storage compartment is heated up. Once the fire in the combustion chamber has died out, the stone will continue emitting the stored heat slowly into the room.

Wiking Automatic

In a Wiking wood-burning stove, the regulation of air during lighting and re-stocking is managed automatically through the Wiking Automatic device. A heat-sensitive bimetallic spring expands or contracts depending on the temperature in the wood-burning stove.

The Wiking Automatic offers many advantages including:

Better comfort

Easier lighting

Clean and efficient combustion

Minor impact on the environment

The combustion chamber

All Wiking stoves have a highly-insulated combustion chamber of Vermiculite plates. Vermiculite is a natural material originating from Africa, which has superior insulating capacity combined with a low weight when compared to firebricks from other manufacturers. The Vermiculite plates ensure a temperature increase which is fast enough for the combustion to be clean and efficient.

Design Features

Automatic Control

Unique Door Locking System

Top Or Rear Flue

Modern Design


Smoke ControlᅠExempt

More Information
Shipping Note Available to order Please call for our BEST price - 01458 251476
Brand Wiking

Fuel Type Wood Logs

Nominal Heat Output 4.9 kw

Maximum Heat Output 8.0 kw

Efficiency Rating Ce13240 78.0 %

Maximum Wood Length 330 mm

Warranty Period 1 Years

Height 1310 mm

Width 468 mm

Depth 356 mm

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