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Jotul F3 MF Multi Fuel Stove
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Jotul Jotul F3 MF Multi Fuel Stove

Jotul F3 MF Multi Fuel Stove 4

Jotul F3MF Multi Fuel Stove...

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Jotul F3 MF Multi Fuel Stove

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Jotul F3 MF Multi Fuel Stove 4 stars A very reasonable multifuel stove with only a couple of minor points Written by

We have been using our Jotul M3 MF stove for just over a month now. The first thing one should mention about this and I suppose many other stoves is that when they are first used the paint that the stove has been coated with burns off, giving very choking (but have been informed non toxic) fumes into the room. Similarly the burning paint created so much smoke in the room we thought that there was a fault with the stove and had to open all the house windows to dispel the smoke. Naturally this lessens the more the stove is used but buyers should be aware of this. Two other small irritations for me would be that the door can be a little stiff to open and close especially as side ways movement is required to open or close it, and you need to have a strong arm. The second minor thing is that the door glass does get a fair bit blackened during use unless you have the vent control giving it a good draught. This does of course burn your fuel very fast however, On the up side this stove is a fantastic make of stove and performs great. It gives off a terrific amount of heat, looks fantastic and is very easy to clean with removable grate plates and easy to empty ash pan. It also has two draught control vents making the stove easy to control. And of course it can burn logs or coal making it extremely versatile, which was the deciding factor in this purchase for us. Its definitely not the cheapest you can buy but on reflection I am glad we decided on the Jotul F3 MF and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a multi fuel stove.

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